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2009-Dec-8 - teen rape lesbian

Posted in pussytorture
Bondage stories Female domination male slave

Some pussy torture story: It rang and two minutes later, little Emily Farmer timidly came in. Go to your seat. After all, she's wasted everyone's time by arriving late this morning. Poor Emily was terrified. She'd have to see these kids again everyday for the whole year. Stryker announced: Now, class, it's time for something even more instructive than our history lesson. He held it in one hand and slapped it smartly against the palm of the other so that it made a loud smacking sound. ..

Rebecca Lord teaches the naughty Carly how to clean the kitchen.

Female domination male slave

Lesbian S&M strap-on sex

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2009-Dec-4 - lesbian rape comics

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Cock and ball torture Torture devices

A piece of pussy torture story: The door shuts behind us, leaving just the two of us alone. You pull the dress over your head leaving you naked. You sit in the chair and watch as I pull stirrups out of the arms and fit your feet into them. Your hands are tied together and attached behind the head rest of the chair. You are now completely helpless. The curtain moves to the side and you see that you are now looking at a large window into another room. ..

This is Devi Emerson's first time doing bondage and domination. Aiden Starr mixes pleasure with pain for this newbie and gets genuine reactions. Includes fisting, strap-on, oral sex, hotwax, clamps and more.

Torture devices

Kinky Female powerplay


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2009-Nov-29 - Shaved BUSTY 19 year old, gets her HUGE tits tied up and abused.

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Underwater bondage Japanese bondage

Some pussy torture story: But she sure didn't quit screaming or flailing about. Now she was showing us the inside of it. Holding her in position, the Chief began massaging the buttocks he had so recently punished. She was still sobbing and whimpering, but she was grinding her crotch against his leg. And look at her snatch. But not now. Take her and feed her to the ants. Blushing deeply at the way her body had betrayed her, Angela was led to the edge of the circle where she was staked out, face down in the dirt and spreadeagled. ..

Hogtied always brings you fresh, hot and young models every month. Eva Angelina's face is as fresh and beautiful as it gets. With a smoking hot, tan and shaved body, Eva takes on Hogtied. We punish Eva with the rope, and she endures, we hit her with floggers, and the cane, and she still endures. We force her to cum over an over, and that was something she was not used to. She has never had orgasms ripped out of her, even after she thought she could take no more. Hogtied is about being helpless and forced to orgasm and Eva learned that lesson hard.

Japanese bondage

Beautiful/Sexy/Masochistic women/slaves (are) bound/spanked to please

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2009-Nov-29 - hentai lesbians rape

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Nipple torture Sexual bondage education

Some pussy torture story: they're beautiful, I breathe, but please take them off now. It's here somewhere, he says, looking through his desk. The key must be in the back of the shop. Once we are in the back room of the shop, his manner changes. I I struggle at first, but his kiss makes me weak in the knees. My beautiful blonde slave girl! he cries, raising my dress until he can reach my full breasts. Then he bites them hard. ..

Gia Paloma returns to take on the creatively sadistic Sandra Romain. This update starts out with two horny women going at it raw style. Then, we switch gears into steal restraints and fetish gagets. They finish off with strap-on action and bondage. Toys featured are large steel gags, pussy and tit suckers, clamps and forceps, spike wheel and steel dildo.

Sexual bondage education

Watch these pain sluts get spanked, whipped, slapped, worship feet, smothered and forced to lick ass in bondage.

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2009-Nov-28 - calico in foot fetish bondage bastinado torment and squirting

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Underwater bondage Bdsm toys

A piece of pussy torture story: My God! thought Barbara. A slight twist of her arms was sufficient motivation for Barbara to comply. He then rotated it all around her entire lip, smearing the red lipstick she had applied only a short time before. Closing her eyes, she kissed it tenderly. They would hurt her if she didn't. Beg him to put it in your mouth, came the next command. Oh Please. Fuck my face with your long, beautiful cock. ..

A member, Provost, posted on the web site message forums requesting that cyd divert some of his attention to tormenting the feet models that pass through the site. cyd decides to fill the request, and when Calico arrives for her shoot, cyd traps her limbs in rigid steel restraints. Her ankles are locked in place with her dainty feet sticking straight up in the air. Strips of leather attached to her big toes pull down painfully, stretching out and immobilizing her bare and sensitive soles. What happens after that is a long, long list. Rubber bands, caning, tickling, sharp wooden sticks, paddles, whipping, scraping, etc., etc., etc. Though Calico's feet are punished non-stop, the rest of her body does not escape. A latex breath control hood with a tiny hole in it combined with a tight metal collar forces her to keep her breathing slow and measured lest she suffocate herself by breathing too fast. cyd makes the predicament unbearably awful by slapping her hard over and over in all the most tender and sensitive places on her body - the soft flesh of her inner thighs, her armpits, the tops of her breasts and elsewhere until her skin is bright red with angry looking welts. Calico shows extreme self control, mentally mastering her body and forcing herself to breathe in a controlled manner. For this display, cyd rewards her with a vibrator, allowing her powerful orgasm after orgasm until her legs are shaking and spasming from coming so hard.

Bdsm toys

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

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2009-Nov-28 - hardcore lesbian rape

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Endless tickle torture Medieval torture

First her back, then her shoulders, back down to her ass. I gently, ever so lightly, ran the leather strap at the end of the crop over her face, caressing her cheeks, her forehead. She did so, a bit hesitantly, but not too badly for a novice slave. Her nipples strained at the fabric. A moan emanated from those pouting lips. She wanted me to rub her there, but I decided not to. My steps carried me behind her once more and my hands rested on her shoulders and turned her body gently toward the full length mirror. ..

We found the beautiful and exotic looking CJ while on location in Budapest. She turned out to be a perfect submissive who got off on rough kinky sex. Sandra Romain is explosive and in full form as she sexually dominates a fellow Romanian girl. Outside of the studio we were initially going to shoot in, we found a rugged landscape for CJ's submission. She gets tied to a fence, bound to a crashed up car and suspended to the front grill of a menacing looking Russian truck. This update is loaded with hot action, spectacular scenery and great chemistry!

Medieval torture

Real whipping and spanking of beautiful women

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2009-Nov-26 - See what happens as Paige Richards gets tied to a tree.

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Female domination male slave Bondage torture

A bit of pussy torture story: She must say nothing except Yes, My Lord. Seated on a sort of dais was the sheik. The trembling teenage slave knelt and did as she was bid, while the slave master held her chains as if she were a dog. After much search I have chosen you to be a slave in my harem. You are now totally my captive and under my control, so I want you to put away any thoughts of escape or release. It was necessary for you to undergo the short, sharp shock of strict bondage to get you to quickly realize that you have suddenly left once and for all the carefree, affluent life of an American teen. ..

Heaven Lee is a beautiful model who loves bondage and S/M. She was great to play with.

Bondage torture

The hottest, sexiest girls in hardcore bondage in the world


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2009-Nov-26 - lesbian hand cuff rape

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Free spanking video clips Bdsm drawings

Little pussy torture story: She'd lost her shoes somewhere, but she still had on her stockings. Other than Maggie and Priscilla, who we'd already seen, the three single girls were the only ones left. The Chief smiled and held up his hand for silence. I've just been told that there's a new dance from Paris that these last three would like to perform for us. So, while they're getting ready, we can amuse ourselves with our other toys. ..

Sarah's the new cute and innocent girl in jail who gets roughed up and made into a little fuck toy by two badass dominatrices, Isis and Shy Love. Featuring double spanking, foot fucking, face sitting, ass licking, forced orgasms, flogging and strap-on sex.

Bdsm drawings

Genuine submission

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2009-Nov-26 - lesbian forced anal sex

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Cock and ball torture Male bondage

Little pussy torture story: Now, empty out your bag on the table, there, so I can see what you've brought. He also complimented me on my choice for the black shoes and said he found them sexy, which thrilled me! Now, put everything back in the bag. By the way, remember that you are to go only where you are told to, and only with me accompanying you (unless I tell you differently) while you are here. Understand? Yes, I understand, Richard, I said, as I began to follow him out into the hallway. ..

A girls first time experience being submissive to another girl is a beautiful thing. Shy Love breaks in her new slave Lacey who is willing to be punished and humiliated. Featuring Ass licking, forced orgasms, OTK, bootlicking, strap-on and more.

Male bondage

Beautiful slaves get spanked and whipped

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2009-Nov-24 - Sir C test Lola with caning, electric shock, and nipple torture

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Free bondage movies Free bondage video

A piece of pussy torture story: There were two straight back, wooden chairs in the room plus a soft, easy chair. Mark took Diana to the frame and told her to stand there waiting for him. She was excited even more now, after having seen the room. Diana saw for the first time the cupboard's contents. On the second shelf were several types of paddles, ranging from leather paddles to wooden paddles. She gasped when she first looked. ..

Please welcome yet another fresh and sexy new face to Hogtied. Veronica Jett is as cute as they cum. Tanned, shaved, and petite, this little girl comes to us thinking she likes bondage. However, she has never experienced anything like Hogtied, so this update is all about discovering what she really likes and dislikes. Double binds, a merciless fucking machine, and orgasm after orgasm make up just a fraction of what happens to this newcomer. Not to ruin it for anyone, but in this update she almost orgasms herself into unconsciousness. A beautiful girl and beautiful bondage make a pretty nice Forth of July treat!

Free bondage video

The hottest, sexiest girls in hardcore bondage in the world

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2009-Nov-24 - lesbian rape butt

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Bondage anime Bondage rape

A bit of pussy torture story: At 7:00 P. we met at the Hilton in down town Los Angeles. This was NOT the lady I had met earlier in the tailored suit and hair tightly tied in a bun on her head. Our conversation over a hastily arranged lunch the day before had made me aware of her interest and fascination with B&D and all that it represents, so I had with me a number of toys with which I hoped to enliven the nights dinner plans. ..

Sydnee has an incredible pain tolerence and a real kink for being slapped around. DragonLily unleashes long and hard hits on her willing pain slut. Sydnee's luscious Ass, pussy, tits, face and Ass hole receive rough thorough punishments. Her ass is filled with a plug and then foot fucked in the mouth and pussy before enduring a fierce ass whipping. Lastly, she is fucked hard in the ass until orgasm.

Bondage rape

Real S&M, pictures and videos of female domination, discipline, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.


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2009-Nov-23 - lesbian henati rape

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Anal torture Anime bondage

Little pussy torture story: `Yes, very lovely, my dear,' he said. Please step over here, and we shall begin your punishment. He opened them to revile a huge assortment of ropes, chains, cuffs, straps, and various other restraining devices. `I hope you don't mind me placing you into bondage,' he said. He was heavily into bondage. All the doors and locks. This private man suddenly made sense. He led her over to a wooden post. ..

Mia is a sexy blonde with a bangin natural body. She plays a sexual servant to Mistress Cherokee who makes her lick pussy and ass for the first time ever. Mia's moans and whimpers from punishment are priceless. This session is extremely erotic and orgasmic. Enjoy!

Anime bondage

Beautiful slaves get spanked and whipped

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2009-Nov-20 - Hailey Young and Ariel locked in severe steel bondage

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Bondage fairies Spanking blog

Little pussy torture story: I look up at him, pleading with my eyes, Robert, Robert, touch me. You don't really want me finish yet, do you? My body cries yes, but at the same time I savor the delicious frustration, and I know the answer. Robert goes to the dresser by the bed, and returns with another broad band of soft purple silk, like the ones that bind my wrists and ankles. The removal of vision heightens my other senses. ..

It`s hot in the small room. The lights give off waves of heat, slowly and steadily raising the temperature. My clothes are starting to stick to me and she hasnt arrived yet. By the time she finally shows up, sweat is beginning to drip into my eyes. She introduces herself and we briefly negotiate. She blows her nose and sniffles. I ask her about it and she says shes getting over a cold. She moves away and starts getting changed for the shoot. She makes small talk with some staff members. The conversation moves on to blowjobs somehow. She says shes embarrassed to watch her own porn. The shoot starts and I pick out equipment for the first scene. A collar, chain, manacles and metal bar to lock her body into a tight ball. A gag to make her drool. Tape with a rough, coarse surface to wrap around her fingers so wiping her nose will feel like sandpaper. A large mirror to force her to look at herself while a thick dildo takes turns fucking her mouth and her cunt. She squirms in a mixture of humiliation, discomfort and arousal, and cant resist when a vibrator is pressed against her clit. I let her orgasm once, then take the vibrator away.

Spanking blog

An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

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2009-Nov-20 - lesbian rape anime clips

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Spanking stories Rubber bondage

A piece of pussy torture story: She remembered, with embarrassment, that her husband had shaved her pussy the other night. Dr. seemed to like her nude cuntlips as he probed and rubbed his hand all over her hairless little mound. Somehow I thought you'd respond well to this treatment. She jumped (as much as she could) when he attached little clamps to her nipples. Her nipples stretched as the doctor tightened the lines. Two more clamps were clipped onto her pussy lips and they too were then stretched open. ..

Gia Paloma is a sex hungry willing submissive who craves to be controlled by a strong and confident Mistress like Isabella Soprano. This session is fucking sexy! Gia gets off on various forms of punishments and being fucked in the ass while tied up. Also includes mouthwatering scenes of orgasmic foot worship, foot fucking and forced pussy and ass licking. Enjoy!!

Rubber bondage

Female slaves get spanked/whipped

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2009-Nov-16 - lesbian rape technique

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Torture methods Gay bondage

Some pussy torture story: I began to tell myself stories first about Paula and me, then about the two of us and a man (usually one of my old boyfriends). Then, more and more, the story was just about me and a man but in a way that I had never been with a man. The beauty of it was that I was able to delve into many types of sex which, normally, I would have been afraid to talk about. I had no desire to wear high leather boots and tan a man's ass with a riding crop. ..

Trixie Kitten is wandering around lost in a bad part of town. She decides to knock on someones door for help and directions. Audrey greets her with a warm smile and invites Trixie in to consult a map. Inside, Audrey and roommate Sonya seize the opportunity to make this innocent girl their cute little fuck slave.

Gay bondage

Sexy S&M strap-on action


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Lesbian BDSM with a shocking twist

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

Inescapable bondage and forced orgasms

An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

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